Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2016

Table of Contents


Economic Impact of Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir  | 
Aasif Hussain Nengroo, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, Audil Rashid Khaki 1-5
Total views: 1663
Manufacturing and Education: The Missing Links  | 
S. N. Misra, Sanjaya Ku. Ghadai 1-5
Total views: 156
A Research Analysis on Influencing Factors of Juvenile Delinquencies in Tamil Nadu  | 
G. Gokul Vigneswari, A. Thanappan 1-6
Total views: 169
An Economic Analysis of Return to Scale of Manufacturing Industries in Tamil Nadu  | 
C. Muniyandi, L. Vadivel 1-3
Total views: 208
Macro Economic overview of Growth and Inequality in Assam Using Time Series Analysis  | 
Farah Hussain, Priyanka Bharali 1-6
Total views: 183
Leveraging Big Data and IOT for Retail  | 
A. Vintha Rao, P. Shalini 1-3
Total views: 133