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Ecosystem Services- An overview


  • Tagore Arts College, Lawspet, Pondicherry-605008, India
  • Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College, Mahe, Pondicherry-673311, India


Objectives: To elaborate the essence of Ecosystem services to scientists and stake holders and throw some light on to its interred disciplinary nature. People of all strata need a thorough understanding of the surrounding ecosystem and the services provided by it to human in various means. A scientific attitude and temper is the need of hour to protect our mother Earth from ailments of pollution and imbalances.

Method: Various aspects of ecosystem services have been reviewed and the basic facts were elaborated thoroughly to grass root level so as to transfer the concept to even novices. Important concepts by scientists of respective fields have been analyzed and portrayed in a systematic manner. Efforts were taken to relate the dependence of common man to ecosystem for his successful survival on this planet.

Findings: The ecosystem services had been classified to mainly 4 types. This paper has described various facets of services in detail. The Provisioning services elaborated here are food, fodder, fuel, fiber, water, biochemical, alginates, ornamental resources and generic resources. Regulating services explained are air, climate, water, nitrogen fixation, disease outbreak, biological control, pollination, storm etc. Cultural services are explained as cultural value, religious value, educational value and aesthetic value. Supporting services of different types are also mentioned in this context.

Applications: The new findings can be applied to assess the ecosystem service values which can support the economy of a country. People should be made aware of the importance of ecosystem services so that they can utilize the products and processes of nature in a sustainable manner.


Ecosystem, Provisioning Services, Regulating Services, Cultural Services, Supporting Services.

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