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Digital India Programme and Impact of Digitalisation on Indian Economy


  • IMSAR (MDU), Rohtak, Haryana- 124001, India


Objectives: To introduce the Digital India Campaign and Indian Economy. To know about the pillars for the implementation of the programme. To study the impact of digitalisation on various sectors of Indian economy. To find out about the challenges faced in the implementation of the Programme.

Methodology: The methodology used in this research work is secondary data analysis. This paper covers Digital India Programme and the Impact of digitalisation on Indian Economy, which has PAN India coverage. Only secondary data from some authentic government sources and research papers of eminent researchers are used.

Findings: A digitally knowledgeable and empowered population can transform the whole economy. The automation of the economic sectors will lead to better performance and growth of the sectors, which in turn impact the growth rate of the economy.Digitalisation will will lead to cost savings, increased output, better employment, enhanced productivity & literacy, etc. In the agricultural sector and in Industrial sector, digitalisation will help in betterment of all the processes, be it, purchasing, selling, inventory control, trade relations, employment, product innovation & development, etc. Automation of Service Sector will help in growth of the sector by increasing the ease in access to and rendering of the services. Wider customer reach and customization of services according to customer’s requirements also boost the demand for services. A digitally empowered economy develops much faster, effectively and efficiently due to better utilisation of its capital as well as human resources. And India being a country with such huge manpower resources, if utilised properly, can achieve unprecedented growth rate and put the country in top position along with the developed economies.

Improvements: The Digital India Programme has just started off fresh, and therefore not much data is available regarding the impact of the programme itself. Further improvements can be affected by keeping in view the impact of the programme on the economy.


Digitalisation, Indian Economy, Agriculture, Industry, Services.

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